Do I Need BPM?

In short – yes! I recently read an article written by Bill Goodwin[1] entitled “Why you need to think about BPM in a different way”. In this article he said that “BPM has an unfair reputation as one of the least sexy areas of IT”. He then quotes Thoe Priestly, a chief technology evangelist, who said “The problem is that most organizations regard BPM as an overhead rather than a technology that can drive business growth.” The article concludes with this statement by Priestly; “One thing is certain, however; if businesses want to stay ahead of the game, they cannot afford to ignore BPM. If you don’t understand your business – the way BPM can understand your business – how can you change your business to beat a competitor and get ahead in the market?”

Being in business is hard; just ask any number of the 500,000 plus individuals who start up a new business each month.   Statistics estimate that half will close their doors before five years are over with only a quarter of them surviving ten years.   With that kind of pressure, I believe that viewing business process management as a means to “get ahead in the market” is a must-do initiative.

Automation and Efficiency

When you engage a process management expert and take advantage of their knowledge and tools you start down a road to on-going process improvement.   Each cycle can build on the success of the previous.   Through constant attention manual processes can be automated and streamlined.  Waste can be driven from your company resulting in lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.   It really does take a concentrated effort to beat the law of averages to survive in business.

When Should I Get a BPM?

You are never too small to start applying business process management to your organization.   The important thing is to introduce technology that can drive business growth – and to do it now.  Start with a single area of your company that needs attention.  We find that once BPM is engaged ideas start flowing and ways to improve in other areas of the company follow.  While all this organizing and process creation may not be “sexy”, it is the way to get ahead of your competitors and ensure your long term business hopes and dreams.


[1] http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240204297/Why-you-need-to-think-about-BPM-in-a-different-way; Bill Goodwin