Welcome To Our Blog!

Who We Are

We at IAG Unity are excited about the opportunity we have to share our thoughts and passions centered on business process management (BPM) and our products and services. Collectively, our management team has over 80 years of experience working with companies and helping them save money and streamline their processes. We have a lot to discuss when it comes to BPM and how it plays out in real life.

We plan to use this blog as a means to share the successes and the failures that we have seen. We will talk about best practices and poor practices, things we like and things we don’t. We will share information on our tools, methodologies and services; as well as talking about who we are, future trends and ideas.

What We Do

The IAG Unity platform is a business process management suite (BPMS) that helps companies with their business process improvement. Every business is built upon a collection of activities or processes used to accomplish their organizational goals. For example, a bakery takes the appropriate steps to:

  • order the ingredients they need
  • pay for those ingredients
  • make their products
  • market their products
  • sell to their customers

Each of those steps when broken down are called business processes. Focusing and improving a company’s business process is known as BPM. Using technology to do it is called BPMS. This technology will help with process definition, modeling, management, and improvement. Of course process improvement has been around as long as companies have been in business, but to have a proven methodology and technology to assist a company in their quest for improvement is relatively new. The BPM/BPMS market is growing by leaps and bounds.

Stay Tuned

Join us as we continue down our path to help unite people, processes and partners.